Montalcino, Tuscany

The winery Albatreti was founded by Gaetano Salvioni, cousin to the world-famous Giulio Salvioni (La Cerbaiola), in year 2008. Gaetano's father and mother owned small properties in the surroundings of Montalcino, so that viticulture and winemaking has been always a significant part of his life. Gaetano Salvioni had studied fine arts in Florence and once he got his diploma he realized that he would have gained little income as an artist; thus, he opened a small shop of electronics and technology in Montalcino, but he never stopped to work a small piece of land – on the weekends - just for the sake of pleasure. Albatreti is located close to the village of Montalcino, 2 km West at an altitude of about 1,500 feet surrounded by woods and manures. The name “Albatreti” means woods of Albatro a very common wild bush locally known also as “Corbezzolo”. The property was owned by Gaetano's wife, but was almost abandoned after the great frost of January 1985 when about 1000 olive trees were killed by the polar temperatures. Only a small vineyard (0.15 ha), high density planted, resisted the frost and Gaetano decided to shift the production of the property to grape and wine. So, he started to manage the small old vineyards and after few years (1999) he plated 2.50 hectares of Sangiovese, followed by another 2 hectares few years later. The first years Gaetano used to sell the grapes to neighboring producers and only in year 2009 he decided to start vinifying his crop and bottle it under the current label.

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