Agricola Boniperti
Barengo, Alto Piedmont

The Boniperti project became reality in 2003 when, by replenishing the “Barton” Vineyard, they established their company that today includes 3 hectares of vine cultivated land on the territory of Barengo, planted with red vines all typical of their hills: Vespolina, a small patch of Barbera and of course Nebbiolo. 4 vineyards situated at 820 feet  above sea level and bordered within a small area of about 4 square kilometers, heterogeneous in soil composition and exposition. The vineyards rise on the land first cultivated almost a century ago by grandfather “Barton”, who taught them to love the territory and the quality of life that today identifies their family and makes the company stand out from the crowd.
Colline Novaresi is located in Italy's north-western Piedmont region. It was granted DOC status in 1994 and its vineyards overlap those of the DOCs Fara and Boca, as well as the Ghemme  DOCG. Despite being a little overshadowed by its bigger siblings, the wines from this area still make their presence known. The reds are dominated by Spanna, the local name for the king of red grapes, Nebbiolo, with supporting roles played by Barbera, Vespolina and Croatina (also known as Bonarda here). All the varietals must comprise 85% of the stated varieties and they can be made into a youthful novello.

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