Champagne Augustin

Avenay, Val d'Or

Based in the village of Avenay Val d’Or in the South-East reaches of the Montagne de Reims. Marc and Emmanuelle Augustin own 23.5 acres on two highly prestigious terroirs: Avenay Val d’Or – Montagne de Reims Premier Cru and Vertus – Cote des Blancs Premier Cru. The Montagne de Reims is a huge accumulation of sedimentary geological layers comprising chalk, sand, clays and limestone. It comes as a surprise to see that most of these hillsides have a northerly exposure. The grapes there ripen due to a very specific climatic phenomenon. The Cote des Blancs is an internationally renowned narrow 15 km strip of land. The region owes its name to the Chardonnay grape which is dominant variety in the area. Champagne Augustin perpetuates the work of two families of winegrowers going back four generations on the male side and spanning five generations on the female side. Marc and Emmanuelle’s training, reading and above all their interaction with likeminded individuals have persuaded them to the merits of the contemporary biodynamic approach. A respect for the living world through biodynamics is more than just a method for them. It is a philosophy of life. Light Ploughing in combination with enherbement along with Biodynamic and homeopathic preparations are used to harmonize and balance energy in the vineyards. Work is carried out in accordance to the lunar calendar.  None of the wines have a vintage declared, however they are all from the same vintage, there are no reserve wines from older years. The four cuvees are named in accordance with the rules of Kabbalah: Water, Earth, Air & Fire.

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White River Junction, VT 05001


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