Champagne de Villepin

Boursault, Champagne

Tenth generation winemakers of a large Burgundy family,  Bruno de Villepin settled in Champagne in 1999 on the family property, purchased by his great-great-grandfather to the Duchess of Uzès, granddaughter of Veuve Clicquot. 5.25 acres of vineyard, composed of 55% of Pinot Meunier, 30% of Chardonnay and 15% of Pinot Noir. The continuing effort to reduce the environmental footprint of its viticulture practices, a gentle and meticulous oenology, without filtration, and some parceled vinifications since 2008, when he set up his winery. He started marketing at the end of 2013 with two vintages, the 2008 vintage and the brut vineyard.
He did a lot of work around keeping the vines to get the best grapes possible from one year to the next. The quality of the wines depends mainly on what is done in the vineyards, from the plantation, through the size, the trellising and the grape harvest.

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