Crotin 1897

Maretto, Asti, Piedmont

The Agritourism farm and Winery Crotin 1897 was born a few kilometers away from Asti in the village of Maretto and on the hills of Monferrato. The existence is mainly based on the production of DOC wines, that come from the winery’s own grapevines. These are cultivated according to the organic farming standards. The soil is multilayered and rich in silt, tuff, clay and fossils. The vines are trained on vertical trellis, with Guyot-pruning. The altitude ranges between 885 and 1300 feet above sea level. Total of 22 acres with annual production of up to 30,000 bottles.
Crotin 1897 is managed by the four members of the family, Daniela and her three sons.
Daniela is an animal veterinarian, specializing in homeopathic and natural medicine.
After living in a sea-side, southern Italian town in Calabria for many years, they decided to move back to Piemonte to explore their passion for agritourism and open up Crotin 1897.
The three sons, Federico, Marcello and Corrado, now manage production on the farm, the restaurant and the bed and breakfast.

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