Domaine des Enfant

Maury, Côtes Catalanes

The Domaine des Enfants was founded 2006 and is rather a manufactory of wine than a normal winery, and it is about much more than just making wine. Besides being a philosophy, it's taking a step back into the past; regress as progress. It consists of 62 acres mainly old vineyards of Carignan, Grenache, Syrah and Lladoner Pelut on different soils (schist, granite, gneiss and limestone) and heights situated in the greater area around the small village of Maury.
We manage the vineyards in a sustainable manner and with respect to the environment. The abandonment of herbicides from the beginning in 2006 brought the consequence that all the vineyards with old vines (60 to over 100 years) need to be ploughed by our own horses. Since 2010 the Domaine des Enfants is being controlled regularly by Ecocert.
In the cellar we try to preserve the characteristics of the different terroirs and the finesse and aroma of each variety by intervening as little as possible with the natural processes. The objective is to make wines, which convince through their balance, elegance, complexity, texture and length. Already with our first vintage from 2007 we came close to fulfilling this ambition. All our wines are vinified without any flavor changing additions (enzymes, chips etc.) and since 2009 all of our wine are fermented with natural yeast.

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P.O. Box 4526

White River Junction, VT 05001


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