Domaine Guillot-Broux

Cruzille, Burgundy

In 1954, our grandparents, Pierre and Jeannine Guillot, started the first organic vineyard in Burgundy.
Their son Jean-Gérard Guillot returned to Cruzille, after working for several years at the Domaine de la Chanal in Brouilly in the Beaujolais and at the Domaine Bernard Michelot in Meursault. In 1978 he established the Domaine Guillot-Broux with his wife Jacqueline (Broux is her maiden name). Today, his sons Patrice (vineyard manager) and Emmanuel (sales &marketing), run the Domaine with a team of seven employees.
42 acres of vines are situated in the three villages of Cruzille, Grévilly and Chardonnay, they have two appellations: Mâcon Cruzille and Mâcon Chardonnay. Most of the vineyards are on east-facing slopes on clayey limestone soil. The various geological formations give rise to different terroirs, resulting in strikingly different wines. The nature of the soil in Cruzille particularly brings out mineral flavors and produces wines that need a relatively long time to mature. The vineyards in Grévilly and Chardonnay tend to have deeper soil, and produce wines that, when drunk young, are often fruitier and more flattering than Cruzille wines; however, they become more complex after several years’ ageing.
The wines from each vineyard are vinified separately, but only the best vineyards are selected for single vineyard cuvees. The domaine has been organic from the beginning and has been certified organic since 1991.

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