Lessona, Alto Piedmont

Gaggiano’s story begins in the hills of Northern Piedmont. The Fabris family was inspired by their grandfather Gervasio, a passionate wine-grower. They now continue his path and devote themselves to the enhancement of the territory by buying and investing in small plots of vineyards planted on the hills of Gattinara, Casa del Bosco and Sostegno.
Gaggiano owes its name to the region located in the heart of the municipality of Lessona where, after careful restoration, the winery is now functioning. The area possesses unique climatic and geological conditions characterized by rainfall mainly in spring and autumn, cold winters and hot summers which are occasionally cooled by the currents of the nearby alps. The soil is composed of volcanic rocks which are rich in porphyry, quartz and acid reacting sands. The wines from Gaggiano are generally long aged to maximizing the typical character of Alto Piedmont (Terroir). Stainless steel vats are used for fermentation and Vinification, followed by French tonneaux and 26 hl Austrian oak for ageing.

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