Les Clos Perdus

Corbières Maritime/ Roussillon

Les Clos Perdus started in 2003 with 3.7 acres of vines in the Corbières Maritime. The Briton Hugo Stewart and the Australian Paul Old have rediscovered forgotten, almost lost vineyards in the Corbières area. This led to the naming "Les Clos Perdus". These are the smallest parcels in which old, gnarled vines grow, yielding only very low yields.

We hoped that if we encouraged the roots of the vines to dig deep, and improved the diversity of life within the soil, we would begin to see in the wines an expression of terroir that would tell us how to proceed. In the following year we acquired more small parcels in the High Corbières hills and on the schistose slopes of the Agly Valley.
Gradually, the lunar like landscape where the vines had been growing slowly transformed into one of greater color and life. Each year has brought a return of more plants and insects while the structure of the soil has been greatly enriched, suggesting an increase in vitality is also happening below the soil. Over time the vines are starting to find a balance within the diversity of their new world.
Now in our twelfth year we have 49.5 acres of organic and bio–dynamic vines. We have established three unique terroirs, each represented by an individual wine: Mire La Mer from The Corbières Maritimes, Prioundo from the High Corbières and L’Extrême from the Agly Valley in the Roussillon.
Over time the wines have become better balanced and, although less fruit driven, seem to carry a greater complexity and a stronger expression of their terroir. Organically and biodynamically farmed since 2006, Ecocert certification since 2008. Demeter certification since 2014. Annual production: about 36,000 bottles.

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