Masseria Cuturi

Manduria, Puglia

Masseria Cuturi is a unique 692 acres property in Manduria, composed of more than 74 acres of planted Primitivo, Negroamaro and Fiano grape, extending to 247 acres completely dedicated to native Puglia varieties. The Rossi-Chauvenet family started an ambitious project of producing high quality organic wines, respecting the territoriality of the native Manduria grapes. A commitment to develop the environment, producing high quality grapes, defending the heritage of 742 acres of wood, grape vines and olive trees, through a considerate organic and sustainable agriculture. The hot Mediterranean climate, persistent sunshine and occasional sea breezes make for an ear-perfect environment for viticulture. The extraordinary soil shows a bias towards cretaceous limestone under layers of iron-rich quaternary deposits. A Masseria is a farm, it’s a house and a shelter where everything begins and ends.
In 1881 Tommaso Schiavoni Tafuri, a wealthy landowner from Manduria, married the Countess Sabini di Altamura who brought the ‘barbatelle’ of Primitivo grapes, as her dowry, which were planted in "Cuturi", one of Schiavoni’s landholdings, in the fertile Conca D'Oro. Here the first Primitivo trees were born, whose wine was higher in alcohol content and more full-bodied than other Apulian wines. Cuturi is the original place where the first Primitivo vineyard was planted. Winemaker Valentino Ciarla.

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