San Giovanni al Natisone, Friuli

Based in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia (North-East Italy) "Nec Otium", from the Roman for work (nec) and leisure (otium), is a negociant operation with a difference. There are very few old style, cultish “Negociants”. Christian Patat is probably the person that can be best defined as a “cult negociant winemaker”. He doesn’t buy the grapes, except in very few cases, rather he spots and rents vineyards in the best areas of Friuli and turns them into jewels.  For years it has chosen to vinify each wine in its range in the winery of the grape grower, and it has yet to put a foot wrong. The growers involved are always excellent and the practice of allowing them to grow and vinify their grapes according to their winemaking philosophy preserves the integrity, the provenance and the individual character of each wine.
For example their Malvasia Istriana is made in Ronco del Gnemiz; the Sauvignon Blanc is made in the cellars of Aleks Simcic in Slovenia; while the Pinot Grigio is made at the Silvana Cerato cellar, Colli Orientali del Friuli

Pinot Grigio di Jacopo

Delfino della Marchesa


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Artisanal Cellars
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