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Göttelsbrunn, Carnuntrum

Vineyard: 64 acres. Wine Region: Carnuntum: Years of tradition characterize the wine growing area of Carnuntum. After the Celts, this region experienced a glorious epoch under the Romans. The Heidentor, the symbol of our wine growing region in Carnuntum, is just one of the awesome excavations you can visit in the Carnuntum Archaeology Park. Pannonian Climate: Characterized by dry summers and warm autumns, it allows us to cultivate excellent white and red wines from perfectly ripe grapes.
Arbesthaler Hügelland: Extensive sunshine with just enough rainfall, protects the vineyards from the cold winds off the Danube to the northwest.  The Pannonian lowland to the southeast blows warm and dry winds. The chain of hills is sickle-shaped and warmed up by the sun from the early morning until the late evening. Danube River brings cooler temperatures during the nights, which lead to intensive fruit and aromatic wines. The soil ranges from very nutritious loess to poor and dry gravel – these differences are taken into consideration during planting. Accordingly, our spicy and fruity white wines grow on the poor gravel and our powerful and rich reds on the nutritious soils.
200,000 bottles total annual production.