Paul Direder

Kirchberg, Wagram

Direder, a name that has stood for high quality wines since 1849, is rooted in tradition and has evolved with gained expertise. When Paul D.'s grandfather, Leopold Direder, earned his living with traditional agriculture in the wine region of the Wagram in 1849 he did not expect that his wines would one day conquer the world.
At the age of 16, when Paul D. was still a student and with the support of his mother, he leased his grandparent's farm. Since then he has managed the farm alone to much acclaim.

Initially, the farm consisted only of 86 acres of agricultural land and 10 acres of vineyards. Paul D. expanded the farm by 5 times within the first 10 years! After only 2 years, he started exporting his wine to the United States. Meanwhile, Paul D. graduated with a degree in viticulture and oenology as well as agriculture.
In 2020 Paul is changing over to certified organic farming.
Size: 64 acres. Total annual production: 80,000 bottles.      

Wine Region Wagram: The Wagram, a 25-mile long and 100-foot-high ridge between the towns of Krems and Tulln, consists of thousands of years old gravel sediments from the ancient Danube River. Layers of loess formed in the Ice Age cover the substrate of marine deposits and river gravels (the name Wagram comes from "Wogenrain" meaning "shore") and shape the landscape.  


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