Pratum Coller

Castel Mella, Lombardia

Following a long and successful career in sports, Andrea Pirlo has established PRATUM COLLER as a new challenge. Andrea has always had a passion for wine and nature, and PRATUM COLLER allows him to experience the craft of winemaking and entrepreneurship. Working in Brescia, Andrea has developed a product where the quality and uniqueness of wines are combined with business philosophies. Elements of biology, biodiversity, low environmental impact practices and practices appropriate to the climate underpin the wines. PRATUM COLLER is joined by a team of experienced professionals excited to embark on a new journey with Andrea. The vineyard is at the forefront of what we do. From here, everything begins. Old vineyards, respected in the integrity of their history, vines with extended and deep roots, whole soil, treated to a minimum, here the grapes are born that are the essence of the wines of Pratum Coller. The vineyard is the object of all of our efforts. We follow precise, step by step processes utilizing chemical analysis and organoleptic tastings to ensure the optimal moment of collection. Our wines contain optimal ripened grapes and complex and balanced tastes. 

P.O. Box 4526

White River Junction, VT 05001


Artisanal Cellars
Artisanal Cellars is a registered U.S. trademark

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