Quart, Valle d'Aosta

The Rosset Farm is a small, relatively new property that has only been able to distinguish itself in a very few harvests, signaling itself rapidly on several industry guides, for its very veracity of its products. "The Expression's Guide rewards the Rossalin's Cornalin family, describing it as a fascinating, autochthonous red that emits a genuine mountain character." This is our goal, the constant search for the qualitative and natural growth of our products, preserving and enhancing our terroir, which is now the only property that distinguishes us internationally.

Rosset Terroir's Wines arose from a deep love with the region of the St. Roch Distilleries. The owners, a married couple, Cesare and Natalina, began the cultivation of the vine with the intent to create another great success. They choose carefully the lands, in St. Christophe, and prepared the winery in Quart.
Years later, Nicola Rosset, their son, decided to continue the project with great energy: a company prosperous, devoted to innovation, but firmly attached to its roots, helping the local economy, while respecting the environment through the sole use of renewable energy with the aim to pursue a constant research in the qualitative and natural growth of its products while preserving and enhancing the growing terroir.

The Terroir is the term that indicates the qualities that a field gives, through its air, its exposure to the sun, its temperature, its composition and his elevation to the grapes and consequently to the resulting wine.
Grapes coming from the same clones, but grew in different environments would not taste the same.
That's where the importance of Terroir comes from: a careful choice of the ground can totally change the final result. The Valle d'Aosta enjoys an unusual Terroir, both for altitude and for temperatures, causing some very special organoleptic characteristics in their grapes.

The choice to plant international varieties derived from this idea, in fact the Syrah Rosset Terroir is like no other Syrah and the Chardonnay Terroir Rosset is unlike any other Chardonnay. A cellar to be complete must carry within it niche bottles, filled with love and sealed by the quality.


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