Sciàt Ó Som

Cadellora-Villafranca, Verona, Veneto

Sciàt Ó Som is fun. Collaboration between two friends who had taken themselves too seriously for far too long, after a combined 30 years in the world of fine dining, we left the world of French service and Michelin stars to create a brand that represents the wine community. The world of wine isn't all stuffed shirts and luxury, its farmers and party goers, socialites and friends.

We have flown to different regions in Italy to work with some of the most talented new minds in the field, tasted the tanks and developed a few favorite blends. We look for the best expression of the terroir in relation to the varietal we are going to present and bring it to the market.

 Tired of exclusivity and a pompous attitude? Join us, we are the new generation of Sommeliers. Noses are for smelling, not looking down.
We have created a wine that is quality at its core. We have done the selection for you, we know the wine is good, no need to call the sommelier, we've got you.

P.O. Box 4526

White River Junction, VT 05001


Artisanal Cellars
Artisanal Cellars is a registered U.S. trademark

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