Reil, Mosel

With the replanting of the traditional Reiler Sorentberg vineyard in a side valley on the Middle Moselle at the height of Arras Castle, the two young winegrowers Tobias Treis and Ivan Giovanett fulfilled a long-awaited dream of growing their own top Riesling in 2011. The single vineyard, forgotten for decades, was revived by the two committed young winegrowers. Tobias Treis and Ivan Giovanett know each other from their time in Geisenheim, where they spent the academic years 2003/2004 together. Today both are active in their parents’ traditional wineries Julius Treis (Reil/Mosel) and Castelfeder (South Tyrol) and share a passion: Riesling. “With cross-border know-how, we have succeeded in breaking new ground and creating an unmistakable top Riesling from the Moselle region,” says Treis.
The Sorentberg is unique with its total area of 23.4 acres. Its terroir is an interplay of many factors that result in a remarkable whole: 100 percent southern slope, extreme gradient with an average gradient of 80 to 110 percent. Cool climate, because the mountain lies in a well-ventilated side valley at the Mosel river. Unique soil type: the so-called Wissenbach slate (red slate with shell inclusions), which is unique on the whole Moselle. In the course of the re-cultivation work on the Reiler Sorentberg, almost 1000 old vines were discovered in the upper, extremely steep part of the vineyard. After they lay fallow for more than 25 years, they could now be restored with laborious manual work: Every single root true Riesling vine was freed from sprawling thorn bushes and replanted. Almost all the old vines were successfully sprouted in May 2012. Despite extensive research, it has not yet been possible to determine the exact year of planting.

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