Francesco Versio

Neive, Piedmont

The son of a teacher, close to the Barbaresco village of Neive, young Francesco Versio graduated in 2005 from Alba’s Umberto 1 wine school & in 2009 from Turin University, specializing in viticulture. He worked briefly at the cooperative Terre di Barolo before joining Bruno Giacosa first as a cellar master & then as their oenologist in June 2011.
His family owns a tiny property of two small plots of old vines in the ‘comune’ of Neive: one in the vineyard of San Cristoforo, planted in 1969; the other, Currà, even older, lies below San Cristoforo. Both face south-west & overlook the village of Barbaresco. The soil of San Cristoforo is more calcareous, giving freshness & perfume; that of Currà is more sand, imparting a warm softness to the wine. In 2013 Francesco made 200cs of his first Barbaresco from their two vineyards. He did this in the basement cellar of this parents’ house. Using the profit, he purchased a new temperature-controlled stainless-steel tank for the years to come. Since 2015 he is making the wine on site.

In 2017 he took on a small ESE vineyard in Borgata Pamparato, between Dogliani & Belvedere Langhe from which he is making this Dogliani DOCG.


P.O. Box 4526

White River Junction, VT 05001


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