Proposed Tariffs on all EU wines - we need your help!!

Dear Wine Community,


We urgently need your attention to help STOP the 100% tariffs the US has threatened on all European wines. This radical action is being taken in the name of protecting large American companies in the aviation and technology industries, but these tariffs would cause irrevocable harm to small businesses in our thriving wine industry.


It couldn’t be more clear that doubling importation costs would be an existential threat to small importers like Artisanal Cellars, our employees, and their families. The livelihood of restaurants and retail shops would also be at stake, and the policy would threaten the jobs of countless servers, ​sales people, office staff, warehouse workers and delivery drivers. 100% tariffs are also threatened on European foods such as olives, cheese, and cured meats. The effect on a vibrant and valuable restaurant culture--in cities like New York, and all across the country--cannot be overstated. This is no way to protect American companies.


American consumers would be harmed by these tariffs, and their quality of life would be affected. Doubling prices would place European wines out of reach for consumers even as supply issues drove up the price of domestic wines. This is because no world supply exists to suddenly make up for our $4.7 billion current annual wine imports from Europe, even if wines from any place were interchangeable. The fact that they are not is the entire point of a company like Artisanal Cellars. That is the concept of terroir.


Terroir is the heart of every single decision we make for this company. We spend each day discovering and sharing wines that express the soul of a tiny particular region, a hillside, a family, a cultural tradition that goes back hundreds of years, a vintage that can never be replicated. In truth, it couldn’t be more poignant in this serious moment that a terroir-driven wine is perhaps the world’s least interchangeable commodity.


There is hope: a public comment period has been granted to review the 25% tariffs that are already in place and the 100% tariffs that are proposed. Please take a few moments to use your citizen’s voice to speak out against these harms. Here’s how.


Go to ​​.

Search for each of the following docket numbers. Once you click on the result, a button will appear that says “Comment Now.”

Please submit your comment by January 6.*


Docket: USTR-2019-0009 (French Digital Services Tax) 

Docket: USTR-2019-0003 (Large Civil Aircraft Dispute)


It would also be valuable to contact your Governor, your Senators, and your Representative in the House, which you can find using the following link.


 Husband and wife Rafael Flores and Ariel Cahn Flores started this company in Vermont in 2007, joined by Rafael’s brother Miguel, who manages the warehouse. Winthrop Pennock joined as a partner a few years later, followed by Iacopo di Teodoro. These friends show every day that Artisanal Cellars is truly a small business where every decision is taken with care, and our account managers in Vermont and New York treasure every moment discovering terroir-driven wines together with you. Thank you from every one of us for joining together in this important cultural and economic effort.


From all of us, 

Happy New Year.


*Note: the government website appears to state that comments are due by January 13, but that date seems to be designed to include follow-up comments regarding the January 7 hearing. We are encouraging comments by January 6, to be safe, and to demonstrate strength in numbers by the date of the hearing. Please share the issue far and wide!


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